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If you follow our Instagrams — especially our shop’s — you might already know we have a crush on Nate Tyler.

It’s well known that besides being one of the slickest goofy footers in the game and one of the three creators of Octopus (a brand we truly love and happen to stock) Nate incontestably has some of the slickest quivers in surfing. Have a browse on his Instagram, and you’ll quickly understand what we mean, as shots like this (or this & this) are as close as it comes to surfboard porn… And today is a great day as we’re getting more naughty material courtesy of the man behind it all, Hayden Cox. Dive into “Bending water”, Nate’s latest video showcasing him riding various water vehicles, edited in a fashion that’s very close to a part, and deserves your full attention.

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