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If you follow our Instagram, you’ve probably heard about “This Time Without Feeling” by now.

Last Thursday was the opening of Luca Werner’s group exhibition, where he was showcasing his photo series shot in Taiwan (and originally printed in Vol.III) alongside the work of three talented artists, namely Lara Eckert, Alina Grasmann, and Janka Zöller.

Judging by how many unfamiliar faces showed up and how quickly the boxes of magazines placed all over the Kösk Gallery disappeared, we’ll say that the vernissage was a frank success. Then, Jakob Aumiller started playing the likes of Rachmanioff and Chopin on the piano, and with Luca’s brother following with his self written compositions on the guitar, the evening turned out to be even more sublime than what we expected.

And whilst you can still visit the exhibition for a few more days (until the 30.09.18), we thought we’d shake things up a little bit…

Here’s your chance at winning two of Luca’s prints from the exhibition. All you need to do is enter you email address in the box bellow, and pray whilst crossing your fingers for us to not send it to Putin… The winners will be randomly picked on the 1st of October, and will receive an email announcing the lucky outcome.

May luck be with you… xoxo


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