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We’ve already talked about the place a million times. Probably glorifying its winter sessions & autumn weather, but most likely moaning about its unbearably busy roads in summer & hordes of fluro neoprene clad, entitled surfers—and their 6 buff coaches—spread all around town during the Quik Pro France.

But despite having this love/hate relationship with the place, the fact that we ultimately spend most of our year around, whether it is sunny, rainy or snowy got us to know the local hangout spots quite well. So we thought that with the Quik Pro starting today, and the odds of you happening to find yourself around our neck of the woods being pretty high, we thought it would be a good idea to share our few tips with you.

Whether you need a neat place to stay, rent a board, buy surf gear, grab a bite, or enjoy a cold one (or 10), the dedicated folks owning these glorious establishments should not fail in welcoming you and making you comfortable, and we highly suggest you pay them a visit at some point during your trip!



169 avenue des Tisserands, 40150 Soorts-Hossegor.

Opening hours:

9am – 1pm / 2pm – 7pm.

Name of owner/person in charge:

Vincent and Arthur.

Can you tell us more about the story of Surfin Estate?

Surfin Estate was a blog we started many years ago from the frustration Arthur had living in Paris, far from the ocean. We wanted to share our vision of surfing, mixed with music, art and everything that inspired us. Vincent finally open the shop 3 years ago to share our vibe and esthetic of the surf culture. He shapes all our boards here in Hossegor and we produce our own range of clothing. We’re trying to make people more aware of all the designs there is to explore in surfing, and we want them to have more fun in the water. 
Arthur just joined full time the business after 6 years as a senior designer at Sandro Homme in Paris so we are now reunited to make Surfin Estate bigger, with more surfboards designs, more cool apparel and more events to keep the community hyped.

What makes Surfin Estate so special?

We want people to have fun while surfing so we’re building a large range of surfboards that can be used in any kind of waves by beginners as well as by great surfers. You can talk directly with the shaper when you come to the shop, and have a look at our « minute » videos we do for all of our boards while having a coffee. You can rent all the boards that are in the shop before you buy, so you are sure that the model suits you. We offer the possibility of ordering customs (tint, size etc) within 2 or 3 weeks.
We’re trying through our apparel, books, boards…etc. to transmit our vision and what we know of the history of surfing.

What not to miss during the Quik pro?

We currently have an exhibition of Thomas Campbell, and will be screening his film “Sprout” during the Quik pro.

Check out our website for more.




Seignosse Restaurant: 45 Avenue du Penon.

Hossegor Restaurant: 8 Allée Louis Pasteur.

Opening hours:

We’re open every day during the event.

Seignosse: 12-230pm 7pm – 10pm

Hossegor: 12pm- 10pm 

Can you tell us more about your story?

We are passionate about food and fishing. We like Seignosse/Hossegor and the local people. It’s been working well and we opened a second shop in Hossegor centre in May this year.

What makes your place so special?  

We try to look after everyone that comes through the door –  Serving  quality product at the right price. Making the crew feel welcome in a relaxed environment.

What should people order when coming to Louvine? 

All our food is freshly prepared. Come by and check out the menu. 

Anything special happening during the Quik pro?

It’s super busy during Quik Pro so we don’t organize any special events. We just focus on getting the job done. 




Quai Bonamour, Capbreton’s harbor.

Opening hours:

5PM to 2AM

Name of owner/person in charge ?

Fred and Brice

Can you tell us more about your story?

We started our own brewery 3 years ago in Seignosse and developed it regionally at the beginning and we are now growing outside of Southwest France. It’s a friends project, all of our beers are made of natural products and with passion. We then opened the bar 6 months ago to have our own selling point and make a Rosny place where people could meet up and spend nice time

What makes your place so special?

Locally brewed beer from the start, you can come and discuss with us to learn about the beer and all its secrets. 

What should people order when coming to Rosny ? 

I’d say either an IPA or a Whisky Sour (personal taste…) but we have plenty of choice with 8 beers on tap and a bunch of delicious cocktails.

What not to miss during the Quik pro?

The bartenders.




Parallel Universe 8 rue de la Palinette, 40130, CAPBRETON, «  Zone artisanale des deux pins » .

Opening hours: 

April to November 7 days/7 24 hours/ 24. 

Name of owner/person in charge ?

Maxime Bobet « La Mèche ». 

Can you tell us more about the story of Parallel Universe?

Our intention was to create a unique space. A familiar feeling home away from home that combines an immersive experience of both tailored surf coaching as well as the lifestyle and culture that surrounds surfing itself. 

What makes Parallel Universe so special?

Parallel Universe is a new way of experiencing surf camping with an emphasis on small group sessions to enhance optimal growth of your individual surf skills, complete with a custom made program for each and every surfer. Our surf house is special: a modern loft space with a minimalist approach in its design, perfect for relaxing, sharing and unwinding throughout the duration the surf trip. 

What should people do when coming to Parallel Universe?  

At Parallel Universe, Maxime, your surf coach will offer you the possibility to stay for one night, one week and enjoy all the free surf culture around. As a free surfer and coach, Max gives surf lessons with premium quality surfboards and wetsuits. 

What not to miss during the Quik pro?

A special offer has been made for a full experience : the whole house for the week at a very special price with access to the wetsuits and boards. Surf package has been settled for this special week to provide a complete surf experience for our guests.




20 place des Landais 40150 Hossegor.

Opening hours:

It varies. But we’re pretty much open everyday from 12 to 2am during the Quik Pro.

Name of person in charge:

Lauren Green and Tomas Remen.

Can you tell us more about the story of Coolin?

Brian had Coolin Irish bar in Paris for 20 years and in 2011 he opened Coolin à la plage in Hossegor that is now known as Coolin Hossegor. He combined the authencity of a traditional Irish pub with the typical Landais surf vibe, and year after year we try to improve to meet the needs of our customers.

What makes Coolin so special?

Our team for sure! We have staff from all over the world and everybody brings their own personnalities and their own ideas which makes Coolin what it is and also which allows all our customers to relate and feel at home. Our main focus is on live music and DJs and every night, when you come at Coolin, you will find a different vibe brought by a different artist. We are very lucky to be working alongside Music d’Apéritif (collective of DJs and music promoters from Biarritz) who help us to bring touring bands to the area and throw some pretty epic parties. We also have lots of amazing local DJs that we work with on a regular basis.

What should people order when coming to Coolin? 

This year, we tried to work with some smaller breweries and have a great selection of craft beers on tap and in bottles. Currently we work with local brewers Rosny and St Andrews as well as Man and Wolf who are based out of the Czech Republic, all of whom make amazing beers. 

Last year we started to venture into food service and so far the menu has been really well received. We offer a variety of tapas / salads and burgers with a focus on fresh locally sourced produce. We also have lots of veggie and vegan options. We would recommend the sweetcorn fritters, halloumi or the crabe salad and of course the Coolin burger!

What not to miss during the Quik pro?

Well, where to start! We have something on every night through the competition, either live music or DJs. The big ones not to miss would be:

Saturday 6th – Binary sound birthday and Wasted Talent launch after party

Thursday 11th – LEUS Fun feels better party and signing session with Carrisa Moore and Conor Coffin

Friday 12th  – Musique d’Aperitif birthday party with live music from Gothking followed by a dj set

Saturday 13th – Volcom film premiere and after party

The best is to check our Facebook account to keep in touch with the events!

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