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Photos by Nick Pumphrey and Sam Moody

 The Quik pro is a complete shit show. But by god do we love it! Having not been near the contest site once (naughty boys!) we decided life on the fringes was ultimately more suited to us!

 So to celebrate the fact we made another magazine, we decided to throw a dirty little party outside the boutique. After it was rained off on the Saturday, we moved to the Monday, a school night no less! (naughty boys II) And by god did you turn out! In your hundreds, you descended to the industrial estate with a healthy thirst for free beers. And thanks to our friends at Rosny Beer you weren’t disappointed…

With the music flowing from DJ Clem Froissart (Can I play weird stuff?) we screened films from Jay Davies, Brendon Gibbens, Chippa Wilson and Dion’s Surf Rave piece also delighted the audience! We’ll be taking these on tour next week…. So watch this space.

 After that, things got a little hazy. We remember being at Coolin. We don’t remember much else.

VOL IV is now shipping free with any order from our online store.

In the meantime. Flick through the Gallery, and relive the glory days!

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