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From the World October 18, 2018


Our friends at Solo recently released a very special issue of their magazine.

One curated by none other than Poetic Collective member and European female skateboarder of the year Sarah Meurle. More than an amazing skater, Sarah is a great photographer herself and there’s not many other persons you could trust and give carte blanche to guest edit an issue.

When recently catching up with Sarah in Paris a few weeks ago for the release of the mag, she told us that she “wanted to build the issue not only on female skaters, but more generally on persons who are outside of the world of what’s usually shown in media, and skating that’s not usually published in traditional skate magazines.” And with interviews with legends like Elissa Steamer & Nora Vasconcellos, to up-and-comers such as her teammate Johanna Juzelius and other staples of the female scene such as the Skate Witches, the issue is indeed a well needed alternative take on the skateboarding scene, often run by mens opinion.

And to celebrate the release of the issue, Sarah and the boys at SOLO just released “Process” a lovely little video filmed and edited by our good friend and Sarah’s team-mate Peter Johansson, and we recommend highly recommend giving it a go, as well as getting your hands on the new SOLO issue, now available here!

Stay in touch for the stories of our recent Parisian vacation with Sarah and Savannah Stacey, coming soon.


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