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Whilst the name Leo Valls will be familiar outside of the skate circle, it is possible that the name Sergio Cadaré only speaks to the skate geeks out there.

But if you have a foot in the Bordeaux skate scene, you have surely seen the pair roll around town, especially on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons when the city’s spots are open to skateboarding. For the non-initiated, Sergio (aka S.e.r) is part of the generation of skaters preceding Leo, and witnessing les deux enfants terribles attacking the city classic spots of “Tati” & “Hotel de Ville” and the likes, it’s easy to notice the influence they had on each other. “Leo & Sergio” is the pair’s ode to classic ledge skateboarding, filmed by another staple of the local skate scene, Julian Januszkiewicz, the man behind the “Bordeaux Exposure” videos. Dive in for a healthy dose of raw and powerful skating!

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