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If you’re familiar with our publication, you might have noticed we like shooting film…

Now we’re not even going to bother going on a rant for the defense of the medium, as we feel we don’t even need to, and we might offend our financial director a tad doing so… Instead we would rather use your time to link you with some content you should find interesting if you, like us, have an affinity with celluloid material.

One of the good sides of the current film infatuation is that film manufacturers have been pretty good at the old game that’s marketing. And when we mean good, we don’t mean managing to sell more, but providing their customers with interesting content. Let’s not lie to ourselves here, the goal might eventually be selling more HP5 cans but the fact that they bring something interesting to the community along the way is worth saluting.

Kodak has been leading the charge, creating an engaged community of fans, supporting original & independent projects, and keeping their audience entertained with their beautifully curated Instagram, website and excellent all things film-related podcast, the Kodakery. If you have never been this way, we highly recommend checking the following episodes, featuring Josh Safdie (Writer and director of the amazing “Good Time”), Jake Price (director of Vans’ recent snowboard film “Landline”), and Campbell Milligan (creative director of Monster Children).

Ilford has been a little slower, but recently came out with some quality pieces. Their latest series of short films shines a light on 3 legends of the skateboarding scene, who also happen to be very skilled behind the lens: Ray Barbee, Jason Lee and Joe Brook. We’ll leave you with the two first episodes, above and below, and link you with JL’s one, linked here, and hope it’ll get you psyched to get out there this weekend.

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