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We know you’ve been waiting for it… 

And if you haven’t, well, let us tell you we’d been wanting to add this one to our shelves for a while.

Craig Anderson and John Respondek is a duo we’ve been following for years now. On top of seing both names regularly associated on the pages of our favorite publications, we’ve recently been very privileged to work with both of them on our latest issue — Volume IV — which they grace the cover and have a 14-page feature first announcing the release of the third installment of Spon’s profile books.

Showcasing Craig’s career pivotal moments, whilst also revealing the authentic in-between bits and pieces, the book all bound together in mustard yellow trimmings is now available via our online store, next to Respondek’s previous opuses focusing on other pals Dion Agius and Taj Burrow.

John and Craig have an organic work relationship, and it’s easy to notice the synergy between the pair when hearing Craig talk about the project: “I’m really excited to have worked on this book with John. He is a dear friend of mine and I really enjoy hanging out and working with him. He’s got such a relaxed attitude and is in it for the good times, and for creating amazing images. He is always the first one to offer you and crack open a beer at the end of the day.”

We’ll let the last words to John, who is best fitted to describe the project, after spending years travelling around the world with Craig:

“Craig is a bloody great guy – The kinda guy that just about everyone can’t help but like The kinda guy that just about everyone can’t help but like. He’s a bloke with an easy-going and generally mellow disposition. Craig always has time for everyone and treats others with the same respect he would hope to receive. I think this is why he became one of my favourite people and one of my close pals over these last few years. I also believe these personality traits have translated beautifully into Craig’s surfing, and this is one of the reasons he’s so enjoyable to watch.

I was really hoping to avoid using the word ‘style’ in the introduction. To do so seems like a cliché when talking about Craig as a surfer, although I do have to mention the distinct, unique, and seemingly effortless way he surfs. It’s almost as if Craig’s knees move in ways they were never made to move, and this creates a one of a kind technique. He always keeps me absorbed and intrigued, and I find this so much fun to shoot.

On the other hand, when I work with Craig, things don’t always go as planned, and to be perfectly honest, shooting with him can have challenges at times. However, when it all comes together, and his surfing hits its stride… it’s a fucken beautiful thing!! He’s one of the best in my opinion. While Craig’s hi-fi surfing is unreal, and we’ve been lucky enough to capture some great moments in that genre, personally, I find some of the in-between moments we’ve snapped to be the most memorable.”

Pick up one and have a flick through!

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