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Did you watch the Supreme’s new video yet?

We’ve been eagerly waiting to get our eyes on BLESSED for months, and after munching on it over this rainy weekend here’s just a skim of what we’d been able to take from it.

As a brand, hyping a video up is a delicate exercice. If you don’t talk about it, the unexpected release might have a positive factor, but there are chances that this project with years in the goes unnoticed. On the other hand, overhyping it can create very high expectations that end up never been met by the real thing, and that’s what we were afraid of for a second when the NY based brand started talking about their new full length.

Let us explain: first you had CHERRY as the latest full length collaboration between Supreme and William Strobeck. A video that has probably sold more Century Fisheye’s than any others, and a true masterpiece that completely shook up not only the skate world, but the entire fashion world for that matter, and it’s fair to say that the bar was really high. Then came adverts in all major skate magazines, then on the pages of the New York Times. Then billboards and street posters taking over the streets of LA, NY and Paris, and to top it up, Tyshawn’s recent Thrasher cover in which he Ollies the sixth line metro station he’s taken to commute to the city since he was a kid. It’s fair to say that our expectations as well as the ones of thousands of skate fans around the globe were really high. 

But after uncovering it last Friday, we’ll go by saying that BLESSED is one of the more memorable skate videos we had the chance to watch in the past decade. It wouldn’t be fair to compare it to previous work from Strobeck, as it illustrates a specific period in time, and to this extend, stands on its own. And as much as there’s people out there who are surely gonna question the 2mn slo-motion clips of clothes & the constant glamouring of weed-smoking, one can’t argue that it depicts the vibe of hitting the streets with your friends like very few other videos have done before. Appart from the remarkable filming and editing work from MR Strobeck, the most beautiful part of it all is to witness the changing of the guard happening in the brand’s team, with every individual developing their own singularities… which leads us to Tyshawn Jones.

TJ’s part in the video is just phenomenal, and just as we needed it, Strobeck just released an additional short video called “Killer” which would be a highlight for most skaters barely touches TJ’s performance in the full length. And SOTY or not, it’s fair to say that the kid from the Bronx who once got told “your turn little buddy” by the late Dylan Rieder is on the right way to become one of the greatest.

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