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New York has been a top topic in the skate scene of late…

And today was Globe’s turn to release their interpretation of the Big Apple having recently flown riders Mark Appleyard, Paul Hart and Sammy Montano out there, the latter whom we had on the phone this morning, just as he was rolling up to skate Peak Park: “I think Joe (G) wanted to make some sorta 1940-50 Italian, mafia-inspired video and I’ve always wanted to go to NY, so when Globe first mentioned it, I was down.”

Having been on several skate trips with Sammy, including one of two weeks that mostly included gravel and dirt tracks through the Balkans, we know the man isn’t a stranger to skating rough terrains, it wasn’t a surprise to hear his new found love for the big apple: “The spots in New York are hard and it’s just real to me. Everything looks good in the street and on footage, so it’s everything I like. I don’t know… Barcelona looks good as well, but everything is just so smooth and perfect… I personally prefer these rugged spots. And also it’s so much better than LA because you don’t have to drive 45mn in traffic every-time you want to go to a spot… not to mention that you get kicked out half the time. New York was everything I like really. Just the vibe going outside with the stores, the bodegas, hanging out, going skating… If I had the money, I would go live there right now.”

We left Sammy as Anton (Myhrvold) was pulling up and the boys were about to head to town for a day in the streets… but from the last bits of our conversation, we’d advise to keep your eyes open for the Swedes’ part, dropping online in a few days: “Dude, Anton’s part is retarded… he’s so technical… It’s game changing really. I don’t know how to explain it. He’s so good.”

Photos below: Alex Papke.

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