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Austyn Gillette has been a busy man of late.

Between releasing what is arguably his best part yet for Former, an incredibly honest interview for Thrasher magazine (done by Mr. Dane Reynolds s’il vous plait) and working on a new solo album, we’re seeing the man everywhere, and we ain’t complaining.

Today adds to this series of pleasant events, with the drop of this welcome clip for EPØKHE. Now, it goes without saying that we were already sold on the label founded by Kai Neville, Dion Agius and Mitch Coleborn. But Riley Blakeway‘s neat little edit adds to the already solid legacy of the brand’s visual pieces, and we highly recommend you hop on the train for this glorious little balade around Sydney.

PS: to celebrate this, we’ve got a selection of some of the finest EPØKHE goods waiting for you on our online store… see, we told you we’d make your summer better. Use code Austyn for a surprise discount x 

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