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Our theory is Taj is the world’s most favourite surfer. The surfer’s surfer.

On top of being a top tier fixture on the CT for almost 20 years, Taj Burrow has been known for being equally as good when it comes to video presence. On top of his 3 profile movies – Sabotaj, Montaj and Fair Bits – he’s been the highlight of countless of video projects from the very bests, from Jack McCoy & Taylor Steele to Joe G, and his recent part in EPØKHE‘s Listen Now, Misty Dawn is just a proof that leading the pack at 40 is still possible. 

This new clip, part of Globe‘s new series “Cult of Freedom” was filmed on a strike mission to Indo, and if filming a 7mn part  on a single swell isn’t the proof of being at the top of your game, then we don’t know what is.

Keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming interview with Taj coming in Vol.III, cooking in InDesign as we speak…

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