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Words by  Robin Pailler . Photos by  Dashti Jahfar  &  Alex Irvine .

Words by Robin Pailler. Photos by Dashti Jahfar & Alex Irvine.

20 years of Burnett!

Last Thursday saw London’s House of Vans host their latest exhibition “Full Blast”, documenting 20 years of Thrasher photographer and editor Michael Burnett‘s historic vault of skate photography. 


Amongst the hall of photos and vintage Thrasher covers on display, there were also classic video loops to immerse in and a host of historical gems such as Leo Romero’s Toy Machine Team Managers board, Aaron ‘Jaws’ Homoki’s board (from the infamous melon grab at Lyon) and one of Burnett’s early cameras alongside a vintage school photo of the man. In all honesty it’s perhaps one of the most thought out and immersive skateboard exhibitions we’ve attended in recent times. 

Saul Crumblish, Eggplant,  ph: Alex Irvine

Saul Crumblish, Eggplant, ph: Alex Irvine

Burnett himself hosted a presentation of photos and amusing stories, alongside a Q&A which offered a wonderful insight into how his career blossomed. 

Afterwards Jake Phelps, in his usual decrepit, off-skew manner hosted a bowl jam in which Ben Broyd stole the show, taking 1st in front of Saul Crumlish and Taylor Jones. We even got to witness a secret session take place later on, once the crowd dispersed for more beers, in which Ronnie Sandoval & Jamie Foy made it their own. Ronnie is fucking ridiculous!

Phelps & Broyd with Doobie lurking.

Phelps & Broyd with Doobie lurking.

Check out the gallery below and if you’re in London in the near future, we highly recommend checking out the exhibition which runs through to July 8th at the House of Vans.

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