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Ainara Aymat is a breath of fresh air in the women’s surf scene.

In our day and age where Instagram and people’s obsession with physical appearance seems to rule everything, having long blond hair, more than 100K followers on Instagram and surfing in extra tight bikini has sadly become the new standard to get backing of a brand & hoping to pursue a career. These codes have engendered a uniformisation of profiles, and finding personalities that don’t fit this mold has become a rarity.

Lucky enough there’s exceptions like Ainara. She’s your low profile/ton of personality type of girl that doesn’t care much about these codes (or about shaving her head for that matter) and prefers to let her talent on the board do the talking. And this is exactly what “S A M B A L” is about. Ainara recently spent some time in Indonesia, and took this opportunity to hang out with fellow leyenda española/one of our favorite filmmakers Kylian Castells. Together and with the help of the good folks at Vans, they travelled from Island to Island in search of waves and came back with this 3mn clip, that encompasses the essence of what Ainara is about. Dive in, and enjoy the spice!

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