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From the World January 19, 2019


We hadn’t heard from Asher Pacey in a while.

Thus stumbling on this new clip of the gracious regular footer hailing from North NSW was the most pleasant of surprises. If you’ve ever met the man in person, you might also know he is the nicest and most easy going dude, which is truly refreshing knowing the calibre of a surfer he is, and his ability to shred on any type of floatation device (but more often then not those of the twin finned variety…) Asher and cinematographer Matt Kleiner have been producing videos together for several years, and “This Time Yesterday” beautifully showcases the pair’s recent adventures around the globe, from AP’s Australian turquoise beachies to California’s peeling right points and beyond. Dive in for 9 cinematic minutes of some of the finest twin-fin wizardry you’ll see in a while.

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