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Truth be told… we’ve been impatiently waiting for this one.

3 years after giving birth to their first full length video, the Boys Of Summer are back with a second opus that follows the same winning formula: raw skate clips of pretty much everybody you want to watch, mixed with a heavy dose of Stallone’s and Schwarzenegger’s grade A bangers, & cut to a selection of tunes that could have been the soundtrack of GTA Vice City.

To keep things simple, if you’re into skateboarding, there’s just no way you’re missing this one… From LA and its surroundings, to the ditches of Las Vegas, the streets of Vancouver, New York City and its crusty spots and the beaches of Miami, dive in the boys’ news adventures, featuring Andrew Allen, Alex Olson, Anthony Van Engelen, Caleb Barnett, Sage Elsesser, Nakel Smith, Tyshawn Jones, Jason Dill, Sean Pablo, Vincent Touzery, Elijah Berle, Aidan Mackey, Gino Iannucci, Andrew Reynolds, Eric Koston, Gyu Mariano, Jerry Hsu and many many more…

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