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From the World February 16, 2019


Do you remember “Blastoid”?

Not long ago, EPØKHE’s protege Shaun Manners released what was his most solid video yet, and if you’ve paid attention to Shaun’s equipment throughout the clip, you might have noticed the yellow logo stamped on every one of his whips. It turns out all of Shaun’s boards are shaped by his dad, Mat Manners, who’s based out of Margaret River, Western Australia. Today, the family business is gearing up big time by putting their first proper edit out on the cyberweb: the 10-minute introduction features Shaun surfing to the side of Bong team-mate Creed McTaggart, officially stating his departure from the Hayden Shapes’ team. Dive in for a healthy dose of South Australian drainers set to the glorious sound of Galaxie 500.

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