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Isn’t Eli Reed just awesome?

He’s got the same name than a legendary photographer, skated in the Playboy mansion, is super into dancehall and have serious skills when it comes to unleashing moves on the dance-floor… If you still doubt us have a look here… it’s pretty good we promise. But despite the fact that the a New Yorker is into Vybz Kartel, Beenie Man and the likes, the time of him using one of their songs in one of his skate parts is still to come… Instead, we have the 1950s. Eli smokes a Marlboro Red, wears a cowboy hat and is getting towed by a motorbike from spots to spots… and we’re not making up a single thing… dive in Eli’s new part “Equanimous” above and you’ll quickly understand.

Whilst you’re still here, check out his episode of the Nine Club with Chris Roberts for some great insights on on of our favorite New Yorkers and his less conventional career.

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