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Numbers Edition — Eric Koston & Guy Mariano’s brainchild — just did what is in our minds, a quiet but powerful tour de force with their latest edit.

The whole video is filmed around the Los Angeles area, which should originally be a source of boredom as half of the skate videos from the past 3 decades have been filmed there. But instead, we got sucked right into it. We just love the simplicity of it all. There is an infinity of ways to present skate footages, and it’s easy to be tempted by a solid soundtrack and quick cuts, which don’t get us wrong, work brilliantly when done properly. But we have to show some appreciation to Colin Kennedy (the man behind QUIK and numerous other gems) who seduced us with a different approach. The angles are candid. Sometime rough. But they feel real. Filmed-with-an-iPhone real. But with a cinematic feel, which complemented with a clean and immersive sound design and raw editing style, makes you believe you’re right there. In the street with sirs Durao, Bordewick and Koston. Chapeau.

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