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It’s a time tried tradition and proven fact that there’s nothing like getting in a van and hitting the road with a few boards in the trunk and only a few of your best mates. And that’s exactly what Brixton’s Friendly Union collection celebrates.

Drawing inspiration from the Independent Truck Company’s history in skateboarding, alongside Brixton’s timeless aesthetic, the “Friendly Union” collection pays a tribute to both brands’ unique histories within skateboarding, encapsulating their DNAs in a collection made for the road. Those carpark slappy sessions. Lurking around towns you’re never visited and finding spots along the way. Lunches on the go and midday beers. 

And what a better way to put the fruits of the holy union to test than doing exactly that… appart that in this case, the mates in questions happen to be Dolan Stearns, Justin Henry and Kenny Anderson, with to top things off, no other than Tobin Yelland to freeze the journey in time.

Considered as a living legend by his piers, Tobin has been documenting the surf and skate scenes for the past 30 years. Often on film. Always in a candid and naturalistic fashion. DIY by nature, his work is easily recognizable by its unique tones and colors, and either you know it or not, you have for sure glanced at his work before. He’s for example behind the posters of Jonah Hill’s excellent Mid 90s, some of the most iconic photographs from the Beautiful Loser movement or the famous Andy Roy gun photo, amongst numerous other images engraved in the minds of anybody with an interest for skateboarding.

Props to Brixton for doing things right by keeping the true values of skateboarding alive, choosing the right people to rep them & investing in film. If you, like us, are heavily digging the vibe of the range, we would suggest to head this way whilst it’s still time to get your hands on it.

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