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FM March 20, 2019July 9th, 2020

Wasted Talent FM #4: Chippa Wilson

Chippa on a recent French stint filming for  La Cabane . Photo:  Guillem Cruells .

Chippa on a recent French stint filming for La Cabane. Photo: Guillem Cruells.

Our love story with Chippa Wilson started a few moons ago.

Analog’s ‘NOW.’ Lost Atlas. Dear Suburbia. Most of us here have been influenced by a heavy dose of Chip’s flicks, and from the start we’ve been blown away by the mans’ raw talent. Years passed, and things haven’t changed much. Actually yes, Chippa has gotten way gnarlier than what he already was. Just ask any of his piers, or see for yourself by watching his recent video parts in Epøkhe’s Listen Now Misty Dawn, as well as his Octopus video NO.4 part, which was awarded best short surf film of the year at the Surfer Poll, to get an idea of how freakingly talented he really is.

But back to our love story… Picture this: A villa in the French Country side. A blue-grey Mercedes from the 80’s. The early morning’s pink light, soft sand and the gentle breeze of the French Summer. This was our program for a week, which we’d call Through the Pines. It was such a fine time that we had to organize another one of these romantic getaways the following year, which we managed to get going under the excuse of a short video and a pan-European movie premiere tour… And just like that La Cabane and Lacertilia were born. Plenty of fine times on the road indeed, during which we had the chance to sample Chip’s impeccable teste in music, illustrated below in our latest episode of Wasted Talent FM.

Oh, and as for Chip’s words on it — “Play it loud, and on shuffle!’

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