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Photos by Josh Barrow and Vincent Garat. Words by Alexei Obolensky.

As you know, Wasted Talent is magazine of two halves and the cultural space that occupies the inbetween.

With our esteemed Bordeaux residents and skate editors at large working on a top secret project in LA, the surf representatives were left to head up to the bright city lights. Now don’t get me wrong, we get it but my skate career has been a) Limited and b) scared by incidents as being nearly run over a bus bombing Las Ramblas in Barcelona, and also being fucking terrified of being hit in the ankle by a skateboard at any skatepark ever. However Bordeaux is simply fantastic and it’s always a pleasure heading up there for a few scoops.

   We arrived at Riot, situated by the River in Bordeaux’s über trendy quartier of Chartons, conducted the usual set up routine in usual rushed form fuelled by pints from the Irish pub next door and that was us. A game of skate at the skatepark ensued and then we all headed into the shop. The premier rolled and the hoots began, Edouard Depaz is the hometown hero and quite rightly so.

Post premier things, as they usually do, got a lil hazy. We wore motorcycle helmets inside at an after party and turned up without any booze whatsoever. For those you of you who have fished around a stranger’s kitchen at 4am searching for a tea cup with rum and flat diet coke will understand. Exciting and desperate times indeed. Follow this by pondering to yourself in an indoor smoking room in what we think was a club enjoying your 82nd cigarette of the evening as to whether this is the exact opposite of health and you’ll get the idea of how we felt on Saturday and why this recap is up 24 hours late…

Thanks to Levi’s Skateboarding, and our good friends at Riot Skateshop for the insane hospitality. You can check them out and shop their wares here.

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