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Whilst on our recent stint in LA LA Land shooting for Vol. V, we found ourselves stumbling upon Ed Templeton’s most recent book: Tangentially Parenthetical.

You know the moment when you end up standing 30 minute in a library and you’re too immersed in the book you opened that even the annoyed looks of the librarians wash over you? Well this was exactly what happened to us, until we had exit the book-shop in a hurry as our parking meter had run out. 

A Los Angeles classic.

Although this was slightly annoying, we’re lucky enough to have Sirus F Gahan. In case you are not familiar with Sirus’ work, we strongly advise to get to the page, as the man has been behind some of our favourite videos of late, including his insane Ben Broyd part, as well as “🙂”. Sirus recently collaborated with Lola & Pani as well as Palm Studios on a quick video documenting what Mr. Templeton has been up to off late, which of course includes more Tangentially Parenthetical-related information. 

Press play above, and click here for the full transcript.

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