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We’re in the middle of a quite mind-blowing era in skateboarding.

20 years ago, the release of a full length video was an extraordinary event: There would be premieres organized all over the world, promo-merch designed, and skate-shops would have to pre-order weeks in advance to be able to deliver the highly desired VHS tapes to the hordes of groms checking at the counter. Times have changed, and the whole skateboarding sphere is now being served full length on silver platers every other week. For better or for the worse. 

Today, we’re being gifted Antihero’s take on the medium — “The Body Corporate”. The film is a 40-minute ode to skateboarding being an act of rebellion, and a medium to travel the world and meet new friends. 

Dive in to follow the team composed of Daan van der Linden, Grant Taylor and many more on lengthy trip through New Zealand.

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