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It’s hard to go wrong when putting a tight group of people who excel at their craft together.

The perfect example of this would be ‘APOTEK’ — Shane Fletcher’s new video starring Chippa Wilson, Robbie Rickard and Lee Wilson, for our good friends at Brixton. The flick is a cinematic & immersive 10-minute trans, a subtle balance between highs and lows, grainy black & white and bright colors, highlighting the contrasting styles of our three main wave-tamers. We’ll leave it with Robbie, one of our favourite rail hounds, and co-initiator of the project to give us more details on how the project was born, and what it is about: 

“APOTEK is the lovechild of Shane fletcher and myself — conceived in the Maldives over a few too many margaritas. Shane and I wanted to highlight the contrasting styles of Chippa, Lee and myself and mirror that throughout the film. We shot in the Maldives, Indonesia and Australia – which is pretty unreal to have the opportunity to travel and surf with guys of that calibre, chip and Lee are obviously insanely talented and Shane is incredible at what he does behind the lens. We wanted APOTEK to be dark and intense with ethereal moments that breathe through the film — I hope that you enjoy it.” — Robbie Rickard 

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