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We’ve been missing Atlantic Drift.

After a run of consecutive episodes filmed on American soil — New York, Vegas, San Francisco & HawaiiJacob Harris and the drifters slowly made their way back to the old continent only to end up in the cradle of European civilisation: Athens.

It’s no secret that the bunch sit right on top of our favourite skaters/filmmaker combos within skateboarding, and nine months was a long time to wait… Although the boys are back at it in the most flamboyant fashion with one of the best episodes of the whole series. Cut in its entirety to the beautiful sound of Bo Harwood, this episode has got a distinct, more poetic vibe that we truly dig. To top things off we’re gifted with the addition of Max Palmer to the crew, adding some NY peps to what was already a grade A team. With the series become an international staple, the boys stepped the game up and even launched a whole range of clothing, which we’ll recommend checking at your own risk…

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