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We’ve been raving about Rave for a minute already and for good reason. Naturally we’re biased to anything Bordeaux based, but their latest offering 153 Rue Du Palais Gallien is an absolute must watch!

From the melancholic opening to the sweet sounds of Dandelion Hands, to it’s ultra-vignette 4:3 fisheye crop and multi digital formats, 153 Rue Du Palais Gallien is a 14 minute delight and highlights why Rave are one of the most exciting brands to emerge in skateboarding right now. There’s no set parts, no coherent structure in it’s format offering. It’s an unfiltered, mercurial, raw skateboard video and we’re all the more grateful for it.

Starring Alex Richurde, Paul Austin, Constantin Delmas, Edouard Depaz, PJ Chapuis, Fred Plocques Santos, Francois Tizon, Leo Cholet & Olivier ‘Boucle’ Durou.

Edited by PJ Chapuis.

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