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There’s no place like South Australia.

Home of some of the best waves in the world, an almost untouched coastline and some of the rawest wildlife on earth, the Australian Desert sure holds a special spot in every surfer’s heart wanting to make a career out of surf videos. 

RVCA’s young-uns, namely Noah Beschen, Shane Borland and Oscar Langburne recently took it on themselves and decided to head South to share waves and camaraderie that only traveling to such remote places can offer. On top of meeting with fellow acolytes Jay Davies, Ellis Ericson and Nathan Webster midway through their voyage, the boys encountered their fair share of adventure, mishaps and triumphs, scoring some memorable sessions far from the East Coast summer crowds. Dive in the above 13-minute edit by James Kates to found out what they encountered at the end of the road.

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