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As you can see, Nike weren’t the only ones keeping busy in London last week.

Carhartt and Pass~Port rightly decided that having the whole skate circus in town was the perfect occasion to release their new joint clothing line, as well as its accompany video entitled “Kiss me in the NT”.

Instead of revisiting the many spots offered by Sydney, Melbourne or the other coastal cities of the land down under, the crew composed of Jack O’grady, Matlok Bennett-Jones, Josh Pall, Callum Paul, Trent Evans & Joseph Biais headed North via the dusty roads leading toward the Northern Territory. A well interesting choice knowing the region is one of the least populated of the country and that the word desert doesn’t usually rhyme with skate spots… With that being said, the boys ended up stumbling on some untouched gems as you’ll see in the above recap in motion, shot and edited by Pass~Port’s very own George Kousoulis.

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