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From the World June 11, 2019

A wettie vest that’s got our nod for summer

Ohhh the joys of summer…

The soft sand, gentle breeze and pastel skies. The full days spent at the beach carrying beach towels and magazines instead the neoprene body armor and accompanying booties, gloves & hood. The total absence of rush because because the sky isn’t gonna turn black in a minute… Despite our little corner of France becoming a bit of a shit-show comes June, we can’t denny the estival season being just a delight.

If you live anywhere in Europe, you might have already noticed this time of the year is right around the corner, hence why we thought we’ll get things ready for you in time. Meet the Myer vest — our new favourite piece of rubber manufactured by the good lads at Adelio Wetsuits. Designed to look easy on the eye, it is made of 1.5mm stretch neoprene to give you the warmth and flexibility you need for those long summer sessions. Wether you’re planning on spending the next few months around the left banks of Seignosse, the turquoise waters of the Indonesian archipelago or the Central-American jungle, be sure that once clad in it, you will look just as majestic than sirs Chippa Wilson & Robbie Rickard.

The Myer vest is now available in limited quantities in-store and online, along with a full re-stock of the Adelio range.

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