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If you’ve been to the city of Bordeaux and have just the smallest interest in skateboarding, we bet you’ve heard of Riot Skateshop.

With its prime location, right in front of the Chartrons skate park on the banks of the Garonne , Riot has been playing a major role in keeping the city’s scene active since more than 15 years. It is where local heroes such as Paul Grund, Leo Valls or Ben Chadourne used to come buy their boards as kids, where hypebeasts now come to cop the latest Polar & Nike collaboration, and where kids come to watch the latest video premieres… The shop regroups all the layers of the skateboarding prism in one spot, and if you’ve ever spent an afternoon chilling on the front porch sipping Molly Malones coffees in between sessions, you know what we mean when we say the shop created its own micro-culture.

Although we couldn’t talk about Riot without mentioning Rave Skateboards. With most of the boys hailing Bordeaux, there’s always been a strong connection between the two entities, with some of the team members, such as Edouard Depaz, even being familiar with the other side of the counter having worked there prior to moving to the French capital. Rave has been gaining strong traction on an international level for a few years, and with Riot stocking the brand since its early days, talks of designing a joint clothing collaboration have been up in the air for a while. François ‘Pako’ Pion getting hold of the shop-keys whilst Seb wasn’t on duty one afternoon made the process a whole lot easier, as you can see in the above edit.

The whole collaboration is now available at Riot or via Rave Skateboards’ website, and we highly recommend you check it out before it’s gone!

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