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Photos by    Sarah Huston    and    Robin Pailler   .

Photos by Sarah Huston and Robin Pailler.

By now you’ve probably seen enough of this year’s CPH Open.

Whether it’s your Instagram feed being inundated with repetitive content from various angles/recap edits, you’ve no doubt seen every trick that went down a hundred times already. Which is part of the reason we didn’t even bother filming an edit this year. 

After last year’s event expanded to a A Tale Of Two Cities, this year stayed put on Danish soil, albeit with trips outside the city including Helsingør and Svendborg. The latter involving a downhill jam which was arguably our highlight, although Sarah Meurle would probably disagree after that gnarly face slam she took.

It comes as no surprise Ishod took the crown once again. He is after all, the king of Copenhagen and possibly the only skater to never stop skating. That backside flip through the ring of fire.

Of course there are no real winners because in Copenhagen everyone’s a winner. Which is why it’s still the funnest and most exciting skate event in the world, by far. 

Hats off to William, Keld, Monster Energy and all the brands involved in organising such an event. We can’t help but be in awe. Roll on 2020.

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