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If you’ve been following us since day one, you know that Tom Botwid and his brainchild Poetic Collective are two things we’re very much fond of.

Tom was indeed one of the very first people we interviewed when we started this whole magazine thing (see here) and for good reason. We’ve been digging the whole artistic direction of the brand since its creation, and seeing it gather momentum each season across Europe and earning a fan base all the way to America has truly been inspiring to witness.

Despite still being a smaller company, the brand has been signing some of our favourite European skaters such as Sarah Meurle, Samuel Norgren, Simon Kallkvist, or more recently Santiago Sasson. The collective has kept busy working on numerous web-edits, and one of the guys responsible for some of them is Peter Johansson. Peter who originally joined the collective as a skater has been dabbling in a fair amount video work of late, including “Process” featuring his teammate Sarah and more recently, this really nice portrait of Tom, in which he reflects on him first discovering skateboarding, his artistic inspirations and what route lies ahead for the Swedish brand’s future.

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