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FM July 6, 2019July 9th, 2020

Wasted Talent FM #6: Dion Agius

Photography:  Pierre David .

Photography: Pierre David.

A good taste in music is a definite plus for a video editor, and Dion Agius is a prime example of this.

After Nti Sheeto, the Smiling Bag, and more recently his ongoing Tasmania-based project Dark Hollow, Dion has recently been leaving his mark on surf video culture from the other side of the editing suite — whilst staying as relevant as ever in the water.

Dion’s edits truly have a style of their own. A little something that makes them recognizable. The eery interludes, the abstract animations and bright light flashes that will make you think you’re staring at a Ryoji Ikeda installation for a second. Dion is known for being an avid photographer himself, and that shows throughout his work, although a major part of what makes his past few movies so memorable are their soundtracks. Each of them features a very singular mix of new-found songs from artists you might already cherish and obscure gems from bands you’ve never heard about before.

Recently spending hours driving around in search of waves for “La Cabane” with his iPod occupying the aux port confirmed the depth of his repertoire, and with Dion recently releasing his newest brainchild “Forward, to Past” — a video filmed in New Zealand for his board sponsor Hayden Shapes — we thought he might have a couple of tunes hanging around… Within 24H a link to a Spotify playlist entitled “NZ” was in our inbox. At 28 songs long, it is one of our favourite mixes to date, and we thought today was a good day to share the said with you. Dive in.

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