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During their numerous years of collaboration, Matt Tromberg (the man behind Metal Neck) and Andrew Doheny have produced countless videos together.

Two Metal Neck full lengths, a prolific number of web-edits, not even mentioning the one-off Instagram clips and b-rolls that never made it to the big screen, until today that is, and the unexpected release of the clip above regrouping the very best of Droid filmed by Matt throughout the years. The raw editing and the fact that every single wave feels like it’s from a different era reminds us of some of our favourite surf films from the 90’s/early 2000’s, and that’s just why we love the Newport duo for.

Things seems to be moving on the Droid corner (cc, the nose of his boards…) and with him recently officially launching his surfboard label ‘Slob Craft’, we’re eager to hear more from him in the near future!

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