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Originals, Videos July 19, 2019June 28th, 2020

Last Tango In Venice

If you follow us you’ve probably been patiently waiting quite some time for this piece.

Truth be told we’d been patiently waiting quite some time to film with Elijah Berle.

Like any pro skater he’s been busy. In fact he’s spent the majority of this year hopping across various continents filming for his new part whilst celebrating the release of his first pro shoe on Vans.

It’s easy to forget he’s only 24 years of age. Having turned pro at just 19, Elijah’s spent the last 5 years consistently setting the bar higher for himself, resulting in a host of skate parts, King Of The Road appearances, Skater Of The Year nominations, signature colorways, a recent move to Fucking Awesome and the aforementioned filming missions for his latest part.

It’s why we count ourselves incredibly fortunate that we even managed to get some time with the Santa Monica native. The result is ‘Last Tango In Venice’ a rare few days of downtime with Elijah in his hometown of Venice, California in which we discussed; burn outs, surfing, living by the beach and the state of counter culture in Venice today.

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