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From the World August 7, 2019


Oh the US open.

The jewel in the crown of the WQS.

A global series of sub par nightclubs mixed with good surfing in average waves.

And there is no better place for sub par nightclubs and average waves then Huntingon Beach. A place tainted, nay defined, by extreme drunkenness, the most crass of clientele, awful waves and above all  – rioting. 

We couldn’t think of a better place for a lil midsummer break. 

So inquires were made and our man on the ground was prepped up on bud light and Moscow mules and sent in to mingle with the hordes armed with nothing but a 35mm point and shoot to capture the madness. A secret agent, taking the form of one of southern California’s premier IT boys but with a advanced skill set in mingling, we couldn’t think of anyone better to shine a light into the darker corners of HB during it’s prized week of debauchery.

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