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If you’re not familiar with Ben Ericson by now, he’s one of our favourites. So much so we interviewed him back in February.

After wooing us with his previous shorts Evergreen Blues and Pacific Northwest, both of which deservedly earned Vimeo Staff Picks, his latest piece Vivaduct, delves away from skateboarding to reflect on the demolition of The Alaskan Way Viaduct.

Having first opened in 1953, the viaduct acted as an elevated freeway that ran along the Seattle waterfront, providing incredible views to all who traveled it.

In 2019, in an effort to reclaim the waterfront, the city began tearing it down. Before the demolition began, people were invited to gather on the Viaduct one last time.

Ben’s experimental piece is a reflection of that day, and of a population coming to terms with a rapidly changing city.

Editor: Ben Kaplan 

Cinematographer: Ben Ericson

Colorist: Jeff Tillotson, Lightpress

Stills: Jake Knapp


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