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Video & photos: Kylian Castells

Ainara Aymat and Kylian Castells team up once again for a trip to Indonesia, bringing Lee-Ann Curren along for the ride.

Following on from last year’s hugely successful SAMBAL – which deservedly propelled Ainara’s profile and proved you don’t need be have long blond hair, 100k+ followers and a tight clad bikini to be accepted in women’s surfing – filmer Kylian Castells and Ainara decided to embark on yet another voyage to Indo this year, with Ainara inviting fellow Basque ripper Lee-Ann Curren to add some extra spice to proceedings.

Having only caught a glimpse between the crowd of heads and drinks at the unofficial premiere at Vans Duct Tape Portugal back in May, we’re stoked to finally be able to sit back in the comfort of our home (office) and watch these two redefine the Women’s European surf scene yet again.

As always Kylian’s off-tilt editing techniques make it all the more sweeter.

Watch. Share. Repeat.

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