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We’ve been waiting on this one for a while. Alex Knost’s full-length surf movie is finally here. And it doesn’t disappoint.

Filmed across Mexico, Baja, Indonesia & France, Tan Madonna is a beautiful experimental mix of a movie, dripping in 16mm grain, wonderfully captured by Nolan Hall, with an original score by Knost and Basque favourite Lee-Ann Curren, playing an intrinsic part. It’s how one would imagine John Cassavetes would direct a surf movie.

To top if off the likes of Harry Bryant, Mikey February, and Karina Rozunko all make cameos, with the latter’s hair getting a perusal trim from the director himself.

At 25 mins, it’s not one to skim through. Make yourself a cuppa, put your phone on airplane mode and enjoy with the sound turned UP!

Directed by Alex Knost

16mm Filmed by Nolan Hall

8mm Filmed by Daniella Fernandez Murphy

Digital Footage by Jimmy Jazz James Kinnaird

Edited by Reagan Ritchie

Supported by Vans Surf

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