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We’ve been keeping a close eye on Oscar Langburne for quite some time now.

From his Elegia part to appearances in Soujourn and Demo, the young prodigy has been turning heads ever since he burst on the scene under the watchful eye of Craig Anderson & Dane Reynolds, to name a few.

Having already gained a spot on Former as well as Adelio and Hayden Shapes, he’s now been snapped up officially by RVCA, resulting in this joyous 17 minute edit by James Kates.

As Osc puts it himself: “Surfing is a super fun part of my life. Don’t know how to explain it but it’s just such a fucking beautiful thing. Also there are no airs in it cause if people wanna watch airs it’s not going to be me.It’s going to be the best guys like Ryan, Jon, Chippa, Taj, all those crazy good surfers or kids and younger guys like Noah, Eli, Shane and Cole. Maybe in another clip or maybe not”.

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