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Have you ever heard of Jai Glindeman?

In our current era of hyper-connectivity, where most of us can’t spend a day away from Instagram, it almost feels weird to stumble on something new, someone we haven’t heard of by any sort of common acquaintance. And Jai Glindeman was certainly a name that was unfamiliar to us.

Hailing from Lennox Head, Australia, 15 years old Jai has been known, but ‘PUP’ represents what you would call his debut in the “surf edit” arena.

Looking mature way beyond his years on a surfboard, riding Couldbreak with a flow and ease that paired with the bong sticker on his board doesn’t do injustice reminding us of the late Andy Irons. His latest edit also shows that Jai’s talent isn’t restricted to waves of consequence, picturing him flaring in less than stellar surf in an impeccable fashion. Mikey Mallalieu did a great job on this short edit that should do a great job at enhancing your weekend.

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