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Australia seems to be somewhat of a hotbed for skateboarding right now.

Sydney in particular seems to have host of spots that makes us want to withdraw our life-savings and catch the next available flight over.

Adidas Skateboarding recently sent out international riders Silas Baxter-Neal, Shin Sanbongi, and Dennis Durrant to link up with fellow Aus & Japanese riders you’ve probably never heard of, and the result is this beautiful 8 minute montage.

In the age of raw “anything goes” video aesthetics, it’s refreshing to see such a tightly polished edit which doesn’t rely on slow motion to achieve a ‘Wow factor’. Filmers Leigh Bolton & Joel Lumbroso do an immense job in choreographing the clip together accompanied by a hypnotic drum score by Buttonpushers.

Featuring Kai Kishi, Jae Overton, Billy Lukins, Brad Saunders, Gary Almeida, Hiroki Muraoka, Issey Kumatani, Justice Reid, Kento Yoshioka, Tom Snape, Vanessa Miles, Laurence Keefe, Yoshiaki Toeda, Adam Davies, Sean Parker, Phil Marshall, and Levi Jarvis.

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