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We don’t need to introduce Ben Ericson again.

If you don’t know by now then take 20 minutes and immerse yourself in his filmography. Better yet, go revisit our exclusive interview right here.

Having recently strayed from skateboarding with his most recent clip documenting the demolition of the Alaskan Way Viaduct, aptly named Vivaduct, Ben returns to his roots by teaming up with Dylan Dowd once again – who we first discovered in Ben’s Evergreen Blues – to produce a unique insight into the dedication of DIY skateboarding in rural Washington, namely breathing new life into a dilapidated motel.

As always with Ben’s work, the film is beautifully shot on Kodak 16mm film, a medium we obviously adore.

Stay tuned for more from this project in the next issue of Wasted Talent….

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