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Words: Alexei Obolensky, Photos: Benoit Potier

It’s been a long week. And what a week it was. Such Finale! 

Whilst Jeremy Flores took it out on the water. We really had the land angle locked down the past few nights.

Along with our friends and nocturnal allies at Stab, there’s been some late, late nights and the mornings? Too horrific to put into words. Hangovers bad enough to make grown men cry. Noa Deane’s boundless enthusiasm – ‘I don’t get hangovers ey’. Chippa’s alter eqo Marvin. 

What a time to be alive. Just. 

And last night was the Jewel in the Crown. Monsieur Mouette is just the most dreamy location on our coast and as the sun dipped below the harbour, things really started to heat up. BG’s journal entries got the crowd ready to roll with just the most silky of surfing. Kai Neville’s Chippa part was everything you would expect and more, and has us asking where a certain piece of reef is in Indonesia from some of the best water shot stuff we have seen in a while, hats off to you Dave Fox . As for when it’s out online, we’re not quite sure yet but as soon as we know, you will as well. 

It’s been a great week. Thank you for being with us. We hope you have enjoyed as much as we have. We’re now off to Portugal on the next health retreat. 

Thanks to Nixon, Monster and Monsieur Mouette for facilitating such levels of debauchery.

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