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The Vans Europe squad spent two weeks in Moscow this past summer and have come back with an absolute blinder!

Russia’s been an absolute hotbed for new spots in recent years and this clip highlights just how much there is to offer.

Featuring a heavy crew, consisting of French trio Victor ‘Doobie’ Pellegrin, Val Bauer and Joseph Biais. Belgians Axel Cruysberghs & Yeelen Moens. Plus the likes of Albert Nyberg, Kalle Wiehn, Josh Young, Thanos Panou, Pepe Tirelli & TM Chris Pfanner – still ripping, as well as Russian locals Vova Pavlov, Eugene Nikolaev Kirill Korobkov, Roma Ivanov and Alex Krasniy thrown in the mix, the result is a overwhelming dose of versatile skateboarding with an extra generous scoop of bangers.

Filmed by Romain Batard & Max Pack. Edited by Paul Labadi.

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