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Admittedly we’ve fallen a little in love with Japan after a most recent trip over there.

It’s a somewhat indescribable place and despite being there on surf duties so to speak, we couldn’t help but notice how incredible the streets are for skateboarding, namely Tokyo.

Which is why the arrival of 3rd Base, is welcome timing seeing as it follows a year in the life of the Japanese Adidas skate team. Beautifully filmed on 16mm by Spike Morris and expertly crafted in the style of a 70s TV show, 3rd Base offers a welcome change from the flurry of raw, Strobeck-influenced skate edits dropping daily.

For all it’s quirky interludes it still remains a core skate clip however, with some bonkers lines courtesy of riders Sota Tomikawa, Issei Kumatani, Yoshiaki Toeda, Kota Ikeda, Hiroki Muraoka, Shin Sanbongi, Laurence Keefe, Glen Fox, Seimi Miyahara and Kento Yoshioka.

Dive in and then watch as you start booking flights to Tokyo.

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