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We’ve been impatiently waiting for this one.

After “Forward. To Past.”, Dion Agius continues his series of short films for his board sponsor Hayden Shapes with “These Violent Delights”.

Although, on the contrary of his New Zealand adventure, Dion ended up spending most of his time away from his surfboards: “A few months ago Hayden invited me along with the rest of the Hayden Shapes team to go and explore a Northern part of Indonesia that hadn’t really been documented before. As luck would have it I blew my ankle out right before we were set to leave. So I asked Hayden if he would be down for me to still tag along and shoot along side Dave Fox and try and piece together a little film of the trip.”

The 17-minute video features Hayden’s A-team, and is a testament to Dion’s creativity as a director; blending the solid surf footage Fox is known for with abstract 16mm sequences, psychedelic colour overlays and a soundtrack that is far from your usual ‘upbeat hammer track’ — the film is a cinematic trip of its own. Shut those lights off, turn the volume up and watch Craig Anderson, Micky Clarke, Oscar Langburne, Dylan Graves, Jake Kelley & Benjamin Howard enjoy 7 days of empty Indonesian perfection.

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