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From the World December 24, 2019


2019 was arguably the best year so far for women’s skateboarding.

There’s still a long way to go of course, but it’s refreshing to see bullshit stigmas starting to collapse as big brands help push content showcasing just how rad women are.

Which is why we were stoked to partner with Nike SB in producing the Not Here By Luck series. An intimate look at the women breaking the boundaries in changing the perception of female skateboarding.

After meeting up with Sarah Meurle in Paris, we flew to Rio with Lore Bruggeman, Keet Oldenbeuving, and Charlotte Hym before coming back to Europe for the GIZMO premiere in London and then catching Keet once more in her hometown of Utrecht.

And it doesn’t end here. Keep a close eye on more NHBL in 2020…..

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