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Despite the European scene arguably being at the forefront of skateboarding in recent years, it seems Eastern Europe can often get neglected in favour of Parisian streets and Spanish plazas.

Which is why we’re always stoked to see a new Grey Area clip by Polish filmmaker Kuba Kaczmarczyk.

Featuring heavy hitter Michal Juras alongside the likes of Kuba Brniak, Eniz Fazliov, Jan Henrik Kongstein, Tom Remillard, Franek Kramarczyk, Didrik Gallasso – always a favourite, Michal Zarzycki and Tomek Ziolkowski, I Only Have Eyes For You beautifully showcases some of Europe’s finest underdogs – even if you may struggle at pronouncing their names.

It might also make you reconsider your next skate trip away and instead of venturing over to Macba and Republique yet again, try indulging in the likes of Warsaw, Krakow and Odessa, where most of this clip was filmed.

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